Realistic cat created by AI
Product placement template for iced coffee on a beach created by AI
Coffee cup with artistic foam generated by artificial intelligence
Tokens for AI

Get more tokens
and keep creating.

When you generate a new piece of art using Artificial Design AI, you will consume 1 token. New users are provided with tokens when their email is verified. Add more tokens to your account to continue creating art with artificial intelligence.
Ways to Generate Tokens:

  • Community
  • Pay as
    You Go
  • Daily
Press Thumbs Up & Leave Comments

Interact to Collect A.I. Tokens!

Help us curate the platform ‐ By pressing one of the thumb icons on an art piece generated by artificial intelligence, you will provide feedback to both the user that created the artwork, and also the A.I. Every so often you will receive free A.I. Tokens when you provide either a thumbs up or thumbs down on any piece of art.

Leaving comments and receiving votes on your collected artwork will also periodically provide you with free tokens and contribute towards your daily challenges to unlock even more tokens.

See Something? Say Something

Low quality art pieces can be a result of a low quality prompt, or just a poor result from the artificial intelligence. You can mark these art pieces by leaving a thumbs down.

See something nice? You can leave a thumbs up to encourage the user that collected the piece of art, or to indicate a high quality result from the artificial intelligence.

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